Using Your Website to Get More Patients

You know that you need a great website.

Your staff, patients, and family all want your website to look unique but your website should be more than just pleasant esthetics. Your website is your prime piece of online property and chance to meet prospective patients and turn them into new ones. How do you create a website that does not just look good but triggers patients to contact you for an appointment?

Here are some ways to convert your website traffic into calls to your office from new patients:

  1. Customize your website experience and don’t make it generic: While you may not be able to target each individual patient, you can definitely customize your website to describe yourself, your type of practice and brand. This “pitch” includes information that will be of interest to your and what they care about. Use messaging that will capture their attention and get them to act.
  2. Target the right patient: First start by ensuring that you are reaching the right people, with the right message, at the right time in your target audience with your marketing outreach campaigns. Getting lots of people coming to your site may sound great, but only if they are interested in what you’re offering. Knowing what type of practice and services you provide will help develop a website that triggers patients to contact you.
  3. Ensure that your website is optimized for mobile viewing: Over 60% of website traffic comes from people using mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), so it’s critical that your website is “responsive” (optimized for viewing on mobile devices).
  4. Optimize the flow of your website: Optimize the flow (layout) of your website to get the right information to site visitors to help lead to call or email you. This requires setting up and monitoring the traffic flow of your website traffic and making website layout and copy adjustments based on your findings.
  5. Post authentic testimonials on your website: Ensure that your testimonials are authentic, even if they are a tad long. Ensure that you post testimonials visibly on your website, so that visitors can take a quick look at them. People will trust what others have to say about you.
  6. Focus on capturing and displaying customer reviews on your site: Positive reviews will drive other new patients to your website faster than any other marketing effort. Establishing a system to request reviews from satisfied patients is important than listing these on your website. Reviews also help improve your search engine results.
  7. Show awards and credential to establish yourself as an expert: Showing awards, like “Top Dentist” will reassure prospective patients that you are an expert in your area. Your credentials also indicate that you maintain a level of continuing education and expertise.
  8. Continuously Improve: Most importantly, continuously and SYSTEMATICALLY update and reevaluate your website. Ask patients what they think of your website. Utilize Google Analytics to check that the pages on your site are properly used. Then update the photographs, videos, testimonials, and awards.

These are just some ways by which you can convert your web traffic into new patients more effectively. Following these tips WILL make a dramatic difference in terms of increasing your conversion rate.For more information on how you can effectively use your Website to Drive New Patients to Your Practice,
contact Kristine Grace at kristineg@intellahealth.net.

by Kristine Grace, Jan-5-2017

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