Reputation Building and Reputation Monitoring in the Digital Age

Today, companies need to respond to their customers 24×7.

There is no such thing as downtime, particularly when it comes to your company’s reputation. In this fast-paced digital world, there is no longer time to prepare a communication plan once a crisis or an issue of any magnitude hits. Proactive reputation management should be the mantra of every company, by making use of the various digital and online channels available.

There are various tactics you can use for reputation building and reputation monitoring in this digital age. For example, today, communications is a two-way street, with audiences wanting to participate in the dialogue. Also, you need to live in the NOW, with audiences expecting responses in real-time.

You also need to listen to what your customers are saying and who they’re saying it to. If you’re not informative, others will be, and last of all, you need to adapt communications for different platforms and audiences and monitor them closely.

In this article, we’ll talk about the various ways you can quickly build and monitor your company’s reputation in today’s digital age…

  1. Be cautious when using the varied online channels: While maintaining a blog, or a social media page, or a corporate video site is necessary for any business, it can have a significant impact on your professional and personal reputation. With everything you say being public, you need to avoid commentary that is negative or that might detract from your brand. You also need to avoid commentary that can be considered controversial, contemptuous or insulting. If you manage your online resources well, you will soon build a strong personal and professional reputation for yourself and your brand.
  2. Manage ratings and reviews online: While it is difficult to manage every single online comment, you need to be able to do so in real time, to avoid the risk of negative commentary resulting in the loss of work.
  3. Be accessible: As a business owner, you may be very busy. However, you should remain accessible to your customers. Research studies show that maintaining accessibility provides comfort to clients. You should also ensure that your customers have access to top-level management. In this way, customers can get help with their unique challenges and issues.
  4. Do not respond with anger: While sometimes, certain individuals, rivals or customers may leave negative comments or online commentary, you should never respond with anger. If you respond with anger, it is more likely that a customer or fan will walk away from you and your brand. Instead, reach out to address the complaint. By doing so calmly and offering assurance that the complaint is being addressed, will help your clients realize that they are important to your business.
  5. Socialize online: Online socializing is imperative to building your reputation in the digital age. Having a social presence is important to building up a solid reputation. Any social media source should have verifiable information. You should avoid putting up details that are still not verified.

So, now you know the initial steps to building a solid reputation online in today’s digital age. Do follow these tips and you will be well on your way to a solid business reputation. Here’s to an impeccable reputation for your business…

For more information on how you can build your business’ reputation in today’s digital age, contact Intellasphere at 425-283-9772 or at contact@intellasphere.com.

by Bruce Worrall, Dec-14-2016

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