The Key to Consumers, Loyal Hearts

If someone asked what you do on a regular basis to keep customers happy and engaged with your business, would you have a ready response?

A New Era

We are reaching a new era in marketing, where customer loyalty may no longer rely on who is offering the largest or the most frequent promotions. Instead, loyalty trends are now all beginning to point towards how businesses feel to their consumers. Your local coffee shop needs a bit more than just a punch card to draw repeat visitors.

Defining “Customer Loyalty” Today

Today’s mobile-enabled consumers are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating their purchasing decisions. These shoppers are no longer returning to places based solely on product, quality, price, and service anymore; they now also think about what makes particular brands unique, meaningful and, more importantly, relevant to them.

Just Scraping the Surface

We like this short video clip from business managers who share their ideas for gaining and retaining customer loyalty. Of course it only scrapes the surface but reveals thoughtful gestures which make a difference. Whether businesses send cards, offer deals, run contests or host events, do these efforts make brands really stand out?

The Takeaway

The key, quietly revealed in the video, is personalization. It’s unfortunately common for businesses to believe that most customers are alike or have similar needs, and they choose to engage with them uniformly. But that isn’t recognizing reality! While people may buy the same goods or services, they do differ in their motivation, attitudes and affinity for your brand.

Businesses that make it a priority to tailor their incentives and rewards will win the day. We believe it’s worth taking time to consider how to recognize individuals, their desires and even whims — whether digitally or in person.

Personalization is the key to their loyal hearts! #2019LoyaltyRewards

by Amanda Worrall, Dec-21-2018

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