Why it’s Important to Spend a Dollar a Day for your Dental and Medical Facebook Page

If you are a healthcare professional with a healthcare practice or business, you probably have your own Facebook page.

What you may not know? Your Facebook page represents a unique marketing and advertising opportunity.

What’s more, it’s important to spend an optimum amount of money to raise awareness of your practice through your Facebook page. You can take advantage of Facebook advertising campaigns. The latter are mega awareness raising, require very little commitment, have good targeting, and are unbelievably affordable. To maximize your investment in social media, you should spend at least a dollar a day for your healthcare Facebook page. In this article, we’ll tell you why…

  1. Facebook advertising will lead to more traffic to your healthcare website: According to Facebook, pages organically reach about 16% of their fans on average. If you boost a post on Facebook, however, it will reach a lot more of your patients, prospective patients, and followers in general. If you boost your post in a clever way, it is also possible that not only will it draw people to your website, but people may share your message, resulting in greater reach.
  2. The traffic to your website will be of high quality: You can make use of Facebook’s advanced targeting options to drive people to your healthcare website. These people could be potential patients, who are interested in your services and products. You should also find your target demographic and then create content and advertising around those potential patients.
  3. You will not waste any more time: Once you create a campaign on your Facebook page with a small budget, you do not need to waste any more time, but can determine whether your targeted advertising on Facebook is effective. If it is, you can gradually use a larger budget for social media advertising.
  4. You will get more exposure: The numbers say that targeted Facebook posts that are promoted as opposed to posts that are not promoted, reach 146 times the amount of people. So, if you spend at least a dollar a day for boosting and promoting your Facebook page, it will be sure to yield rich dividends.
  5. You can avail of more social shares: With more than 30 billion pieces of content shared on Facebook every month, if you start advertising, you can ensure that your content is shared as well! Facebook advertising results in a greater reach and more visibility, with more exposure for your healthcare practice.
  6. You can take advantage of more conversions: If you have an effective sales strategy and you use Facebook advertising to boost your content and your website, you can convert your potential patients into brand advocates. They will then become your long-term patients.
  7. You can leverage better content: Even if you concentrate on promoting just one piece of original content per week, it will result in greater conversions, as opposed to posting a whole lot of mediocre content each week.
  8. You can create landing pages: You need to create custom landing pages that will relate to your Facebook advertising copy. You can send your traffic to these landing pages, to capture leads and turn them into patients.
  9. You can improve conversion rates, resulting in more chatter: Once your Facebook pages reach more potential patients, they will start getting shared by your audience. Your healthcare practice can actually improve conversion rates by replying to comments, which was a feature that was added by Facebook in May 2013.
  10. You can have more fun: If you spend about a dollar a day, you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun with your Facebook advertising and posts. With as little an investment as this, you will be more fulfilled in your marketing efforts to your patient and potential patients, and this will result in increasing the quality and quantity of your healthcare practice.

So, now you know why you should be spending a dollar a day on the Facebook page of your healthcare practice. It will pay rich dividends in both the short and the long term. Here’s to boosting that Facebook page!

For more information on how you can optimize the Facebook page for your healthcare practice, contact Kristine Grace DDS, MS, MBA at kristineg@intellahealth.net.

by Kristine Grace, Jun-6-2017

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