Why do I need IntellaSphere?

The IntellaSphere marketing system unifies and simplifies your marketing efforts across the board. Our affordable solutions allow you to create all your marketing content in one place, distribute it across your channels, and amplify your efforts with effective grassroots and cross-channel marketing.

IntellaSphere is the first-ever marketing toolkit that can amplify your marketing promotions, communications, and broaden your reach online through customer engagement tools. You have the power to customize our marketing templates, or create content from scratch that appeals to everyone.

Our system makes it easy to:

  • Create anything – including promotions, events, feedback forms, and newsletters.
  • Market anywhere – connect and distribute through your social media channels, email, and on your website.
  • Optimize outcomes – track results, monitor your post insights, and improve your campaigns over-time.

Use IntellaSphere’s tools, like the Promoter Sign Up, to invite loyal fans or trusted contacts that are willing to help spread the word about your business and promote your activities; these are essentially your micro-influencers – which we call brand promoters.

Use just one system to engage with your prospects, convert them into customers, and grow them into fans overtime that you can invite to become your brand promoters. Marketing is already complex, but your toolkit doesn’t have to be! IntellaSphere is “digital marketing for the rest of us.”  

Get the right kind of word-of-mouth support to build your brand reputation online and accelerate the way you grow your business with IntellaSphere.

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