What are user roles?

Roles give you control over what users with account access can view and edit. Available roles are as follows:

Admin: Full access to all elements of the app, including settings, user management, content, distribution, linked accounts, and connections.

Marketing Manager: Has read-only access to analytics, and full access to everything else (including social media, settings, and user management).

Community Manager: Full access to social media, inboxes, engagements, CRM, and reputation monitoring. Read-only access to settings and analytics.

Agency Account Manager: Has full access to engagements and read-only access to everything else.

Copywriter/Editor: Full access to tools related to social media/blog posts, and read-only access to the rest of the app.

We are currently working on adding more roles and allowing role customization, so keep an eye out for new developments. Have feedback or comments? Reach us by email at Support@IntellaSphere.com anytime!

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