SMB Marketing Smarts 101 Series – Step 3 – How is your company different/better than your competition?

Once you have defined your competition, make a list of all the things you do differently and better for your target customers.

For example:

  • Are you products better in some way — more natural, stronger, less expensive? Are they made from better materials?  Do you have products or services that the competition doesn’t offer?
  • Are your services better? Faster? Cheaper? Friendlier? Offered 24-hours a day or delivered to your customers’ homes?
  • Is your return policy better?  Are you and/or your staff better trained?  Is your service more personalized, or more convenient?  
  • Do you give back to the community in certain ways – such as donating to local schools and charities?

Next, rank how important these factors are to your target customers. These are the things that you will want to develop messaging around – as well as promote and convey to your potential customers across a variety of marketing channels, such as via social media networks. Try to identify your “Unique Selling Proposition.” This is the primary value that your company uniquely delivers to or benefits your target customers  – and are of most importance to them, such as delivery baby formula and diapers to new parents in the middle of the night. Based on your Unique Selling Proposition, spend some time thinking about what might be your key “messages” to your target customers.  by Bruce Worrall, Jul-28-2015

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