Small Businesses And Their Need To Understand Social Media

Social media is the name of the new marketing juggernaut that is a product of the interconnected modern world.

We are now constantly connected as ‘netizens’ of a world where even a sneeze does not go unnoticed. Naturally, businesses these days have realized that social media sites are important platforms to market their products and gather feedback – the twin pillars upon which the growth of a business rests.

The advent of social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and more, (seemingly one every month, many of which are cannot be ignored as millions of users exist on them), function on the single principle of heightened connectivity. However, all have different internal frameworks, user demographics and user interaction styles, making it difficult to develop cross-cutting marketing approaches. Each social channel requires an appropriate marketing strategy that optimally builds your brand and sales across each network.

Consequently, this can require marketing investment on a significant scale, in terms of time and understanding. Starting from Social Media Managers to campaign generators, as well as ad and pages monitors, the dynamics involved can be complex. Therefore, it can be difficult for a small business, which is just taking baby steps in the integrated marketing world, to handle all these dynamics together. However, they cannot choose to ignore these platforms, because these demand a marketing presence in order to be able to ensure a growing consumer base.

Lack of understanding is also a major reason many small businesses have still not managed to effectively leverage social media. There are various dynamics at play, such as the choice of platform or whether to run an aggressive ad campaign or to stick with content marketing and page updates. An optimal combination can go a long way in creating a lasting impression of the brand with consumers.

Social media is both a mass and a personal mode of communication. It encourage dialogue, community building and two-communication, as messages reach the end user directly and instantly. Furthermore, it can garner instant feedback and thus the effectiveness of a campaign or the lack thereof can be swiftly gauged. Small businesses need to be bold when employing the tactics of social media. At the same time, they need to apply a modicum of caution. The key is to understand the various features that drive social media channels, and then identify the ones to be effectively employed for your business or brand.

by Bruce Worrall, Jun-22-2016

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