Quickly Ramp Up Your Small Business Social Media Marketing

Don’t have time for social media? Do you think your company can avoid it?

Large corporations are investing millions of dollars, often most of their marketing budget, on social media because it works. Effectively utilizing social media can transform your business, aid in expanding it, and even help you to save money on your marketing budget. Most importantly, with a few tips, you can easily ramp up your small business social media marketing without investing a lot of time.

1: Use Management Software

Most important in not only developing but maintaining your social media is management software. Products like Hootsuite and IntellaSphere are simple-to-learn tools. Once you learn them, they can give you more control over your social media, streamline posting, aid in capturing new followers, and minimize the amount of time you are spending socializing. Use these or other tools to automate as much of your marketing as possible.

  • Automatically follow others that follow you
  • Respond to direct messages immediately
  • Post on various platforms
  • Automate the posting of another expert’s posts from his or her website onto your social media
  • Post across all platforms at the same time

2: Analyze and adjust to your numbers

The next step is to simply analyze your marketing campaigns. No matter what you are running on any site, you need to know how effective that marketing is. Use analytical tools to give you an idea of the types of messages getting attention from your readers. You can use these tools to:

  • Track new readers
  • Track visits to your site
  • Track mentions on various social media platforms

3: Give people a reason to follow you

To gain the traction your small business needs, social media marketing should focus on providing insightful information, real, high-quality information, and professional advice.

  • Ensure your profile answers questions about who you are, what you offer, and why you are the most important person to invest in.
  • Host contests and other events to get people to follow and share
  • Ask for input from your readers; what do they want to read or know?
  • Donate to a special cause and help your followers do the same
  • Be consistent

By taking these steps, your business can grow its social platform, inspire people to learn about your brand, and encourage successful promotion of your products or services. It doesn’t have to be hard to grow your following, but it does need your attention.

by Bruce Worrall, Oct-27-2015

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