How should I choose my Keywords?

Keywords help you look for leads based on terms that people are mentioning online that relate to your business. You can set these up in Settings in IntellaSphere.

Visit “Leads & Influencers” in Settings to set up your Keywords

While picking which keywords you want IntellaSphere to track, be sure to choose very specific words or phrases relating to your product/service/brand that people are discussing online, or searching for about your business.

It’s important to keep in mind that keywords that are too generic will be practically useless. Keywords that are too broad cause random and often excessive results to pull into your Leads Lab.

For accurate lead results, please think of unique keywords that relate to your business.

Broad keyword examples (for a restaurant): Hungry, lunch near me, tasty food.
Specific keyword examples (for a restaurant): Seattle Happy Hour, best dimsum appetizers, delicious buffalo burgers.

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