How do you generate Leads on Social Media?

A lead is someone who may be interested in your business or product, based on their posts on social media, or responses to emails or contact us forms.

The following video explains the features of the Leads Lab in IntellaSphere.

Key features in the Leads Lab:

  • New displays a list of potential leads. Each lead displays whatever info is available from the lead source such as profile or contact info. Each lead also shows you the source that the lead came from, the activity generated by the lead, & the specific keywords.
  • Click on the link icon, it will take you to the site which is the social profile of the lead. Each lead has 2 drop downs: Status, which is where the lead is in lead nurturing process, and Priority Status, which marks the importance of each lead for your brand – warm or hot.
  • Advance or Reject Leads means you want (or don’t want) to take the next step in connecting with them, like following their social account.

The Lead Nurturing Process:








Your leads that advance and follow this process will automatically appear in their correct areas. You can also manually move your leads to their designated areas in your own time.

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