How do I manage users’ permissions and roles?

If you are the Admin for your IntellaSphere account, you can manage roles and permissions for each user: letting you decide what they can see and what actions they can perform. Here is an overview of the current roles available when you add a user:

  • System Admin or Admin: This role is the main administrator of the account. Users at the admin have control over settings and permissions within the account, and do not have any limits on creation, distribution, and access to information.
  • Marketing Manager: This is a role for marketers who have full access to everything in the system, except for the abilities to manage users/permissions, payments, and the subscription.
  • Supervisor/Client: This is the role to use when you want someone to be able to monitor the account and activities taking place, without actually making changes. Supervisors can see content, posts, analytics, as well as view and import/export from the CRM. However, they cannot post, send emails, or make changes to the account’s content/data.
  • Community Manager: Community Managers are individuals who work with social media. They can share/post to social media, edit with social contacts, change relevant settings, and view content and analytics.
  • Sales Representative: This role is for people who mainly interact with customers. Sales Reps have access to the CRM, can send emails, and can view content and analytics.
  • Editor: Editors are able to create content, and view existing creatives and analytics, but cannot distribute or interact the CRM.
  • Point of Sale: Users at this level can only view engagements.

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