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Getting Started

Want to use IntellaSphere on social, email or web channels? Get ready here.

How can I get started sending out emails?

Sending emails requires you to set up and confirm a sender account. To add a sender, navigate to Settings > Email > Sender (you can also add a sender when you create a bulk email or proceed to distribute an engagement over email by clicking…

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Help! What if my question is not here?

We know marketing can be tough, so we have you covered! Did we miss your question? Feel free to reach out to, and we will do our best to get your inquiry resolved. While getting set up with our system, if you need a…

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How do I select my State in Company Settings?

Experiencing problems while entering your correct address in company settings? Try using a browser that isn’t Google Chrome. If the state you’re searching for does not pull up when it’s typed in, this could be because of using Google Chrome as your browser. If you…

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