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Getting Started

Want to use IntellaSphere on social, email or web channels? Get ready here.

How many users can have access to IntellaSphere?

The Free Edition allows one user. The Advanced Edition can have up to three users. The Premium Plan lets you add as many as five users, with individual credentials as well as customizable roles and permissions. 

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What are user roles?

Roles give you control over what users with account access can view and edit. Available roles are as follows: Admin: Full access to all elements of the app, including settings, user management, content, distribution, linked accounts, and connections. Marketing Manager: Has read-only access to analytics,…

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How do I add a user to my account?

We know marketing is a collaborative process, and you will likely want to allow co-workers, partners, and clients varying levels of access to your materials, channels, and distribution. So, we made adding users easy: after logging in, head to settings (click on the gear icon…

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How do I get started?

Getting started with IntellaSphere is easy—simply sign up for a free trial here, and you are ready to go! All you need to sign up is the name of your company, and an email address not connected to any other active IntellaSphere accounts. 1 |…

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Is IntellaSphere really free to use?

Yes! All of IntellaSphere’s features are available in the free version, forever. You can create as many engagements as you want, post to your social media, create blogs, manage your CRM, track your sales funnel, and much more! However, with the free version, there are…

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What are Agency Plans and Enterprise Editions?

Our Agency and Enterprise Plans are higher-volume solutions targeted at larger enterprises and multi-client agencies using IntellaSphere for several accounts. They allow you to support multiple clients in one place while keeping their marketing assets and distribution channels separate. You will also have access to…

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