Does the CRM support custom fields?

Yes! Whether you want to keep track of your customers’ favorite cat breeds, go-to coffee orders, or the makes/models of their vacuum cleaners, you can create custom fields to fit all of your needs. 

To add a custom field, navigate to Settings > Connections > Custom Fields. Then, select the tab of the connection type (Customer, Contact, Social Connection) which you want the field to apply to, and click “Add Custom Field.”

You will need to enter a name for the field, a group (this is the tab where the field will show up; you can select one of the existing ones or create a new group), and a label (this is how the field will be labeled when you enter a new contact). You can select from several data/entry types for the field, including text, numeric, boolean (true/false), date, multiple-choice list, and file attachment. You also have the option to select an input type (when entering a contact) that best fits your needs, formatting preference (where applicable), and whether you want the field to be active, required, and/or read-only.

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