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Content Marketing

How content marketing gets done through IntellaSphere

Attract Customers with Promotions and Engagement Tools

Intellasphere provides numerous ways for you to reach out to existing and potential customers and provide them with actionable ways to interact with your business, driven by interactive communications and promotions we call “Engagements.” In addition to crafting new engagements, you can also Re-use engagements…

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Posting with IntellaSphere

The Posts lab is a one-stop command center for all your social media activities.  Simply connect your social profiles in Settings to begin creating and sharing posts across all channels from one place. You can share every post across channels, amplify it through your promoters,…

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How do you use the Content Planner?

The Content Planner is located in the Posts Lab. Schedule content in advance that you would like to publish at a later time with the Content Planner. Content Planner from IntellaSphere on Vimeo. Use the Content Planner when creating or planning a post: Click on…

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