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Content Marketing

How content marketing gets done through IntellaSphere

How do I manage a blog through IntellaSphere?

Our platform connects to WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger, making it easy to manage all your blog-based content marketing from one place. Set up your blog in Settings > Posts / Content > ProfilesYou can then edit and create new posts in the Posts Lab, view/manage…

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How many social profiles can I connect?

Users on the Advanced plan can connect up to 10 different accounts. Free users can connect up to 5, and Premium plan holder can connect 20 different accounts and services.  Within the limit, you can connect whatever combination of services you wish, including multiple accounts…

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What can I do with my social profiles?

While the access each site gives tools like ours varies, we do our best to help you get the most of your online community.  Posting: You can share your engagements and create posts containing text, images, and videos directly from our system (with the exception…

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What if my profiles are already connected to another social media tool?

Connecting social accounts to IntellaSphere is no problem and will have no effect on any of your other already existing tools or systems that also allow you to connect and post to your channels, such as Facebook.

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Which social media sites can I connect to IntellaSphere?

Currently, you can connect… Social Media: Facebook (Profiles and Pages) Twitter (Profiles and Lists) LinkedIn (Profiles and Company Pages) Youtube (Channels) Instagram (Profiles and Company Pages) Blogs: WordPress Blogger Tumblr Are we missing an important channel? Let us know anytime by emailing!

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How do you Create a Post?

Watch how to create and publish a post in IntellaSphere. In the Posts Lab, click on Create to share or publish content to selected social media channels or blogs. On the left side, choose between simple text only posts, or posts that include images or…

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