7 ways to get people to engage with your company on social media

Social media is everywhere.

So, whatever industry your company is in, you can almost certainly benefit from a strong social media presence. However, having a social media presence can only be effective if people respond to your brand on social media and like it.

Numerous studies have shown that people trust and like companies that understand “their pulse”. Also, consumers are more likely to engage with and buy from a company they trust. The right social media presence and strategies can build trust quickly and effectively. In this article, we’ll talk about the 7 ways to get people to like and engage with your company on social media.

  1. Concentrate on making a good first impression: Make sure you have a great profile picture, header image, and bio on your social media pages. Your profile should project you as the kind of person or company that a prospective customer would buy from or engage with. A friendly and professional-looking social media site can create trust and goodwill towards your brand.
  2. Be genuine: People tend to identify with brands that have a human face. For example, even something as simple as addressing a person by name can make a huge difference. Consumers are more likely to engage with a brand when they can put a face to it. You can also personally sign your social media posts with your name and initials. You should also use conversational language, rather than tech talk. You can do this even if you have a technical brand. Make your social media updates fun, understandable, and inviting so it can resonate even with the less technically inclined.
  3. Help others out: If you want people to like you on social media, don’t just think of them as numbers or statistics, but think of them as people and show a genuine interest in them. Don’t just self-promote but instead, be helpful. Be invested in your audience’s needs, rather than your own and you will see positive results on social media. If you make it about your audience rather than about you, people will take notice.
  4. Own up to your mistakes: Social media moves fast and if customers or potential customers have a complaint, they expect you to respond rapidly to it using your social media channels. So, before a customer complaint becomes a problem, address it quickly, and move on. If you let the complaint linger, chances are, it will escalate and become much worse, affecting your brand’s reputation.
  5. Post visual content: Social media and visual content should go hand-in-hand. Using images, graphics and videos on your social media sites can garner you the likes you want. Research has discovered that posting images can result in an increase of 85% in the interaction rate on Facebook and an increase in retweets by 35%. You can also share a relevant infographic or a graph with your target audience so that the latter can enjoy it and continue to share it with others. You can add images of your product, team members, an industry event, brand logos, and so on.
  6. Repurpose your content to suit the social media platform: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest are just four of the social media networks out there. It is really important to create content that is tailored to each social media platform. For example, you could create a post for LinkedIn, and then convert this into an image or photograph for Pinterest.
  7. Ask questions & use interactive engagement mechanisms: You can ask your followers and your customers’ different questions, provide poll questions, mini-surveys, quizzes and trivia questions, to ensure that they remain engaged with your company on social media. You can ask them to provide advice, feedback, testimonials, and content ideas. This gives your customers and followers an opportunity to ask you questions and engage with you about your product or service, your company, and topics that matter to them to help ensure that you have an active and engaged social community.

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by Bruce Worrall, Jan-2-2018

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