7 online marketing tips that go beyond Twitter & Facebook

For online marketing efforts that stand out, move beyond social media.

Take a look at these seven tips for effective online marketing which cover building an unforgettable brand, setting goals, creating appealing content and keeping your message simple.

If you’re using Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets as your primary online marketing focus these days, you’re not alone. With more than 1.3 billion worldwide users, Facebook dwarfs just about everything else out there in terms of sheer reach. At more than 645,000 users, Twitter isn’t far behind.

But to build and sustain an engaging online presence, you’ll need to look beyond the walled gardens of social media. Use these seven online marketing tips to attract loyal customers online.

Create a brand

In this always-on era of miniscule attention spans, standing out is more important than ever. As Forbes advises, do the homework to create an unforgettable brand, and begin communicating it effectively in all your online efforts.

Set goals and a budget

What do you hope to gain with online marketing? Whether it’s increased awareness, direct sales or another objective, it’s critical to pinpoint what you’re trying to achieve and set a budget to help you do so.

Get noticed by search engines

Having the world’s greatest website is pointless if no one can find you. Search-engine optimization should rank as a high priority in your online marketing strategy, as About Money notes.

Create interesting content

With a growing number of people using ad blockers, you can no longer count on ads to get people to your site. Instead, content marketing is now king. For getting found in search engines and attracting visitors to your site, very little beats engaging, shareable, useful content.

Get visual

Easily digestible content is king these days. If your site doesn’t include well-placed infographics, photos and videos, it may be time to consider a redesign.

Give fabulous prizes

Another surefire way to get traffic flocking to your site is with giveaways and contests. If you use this tactic, be sure to get the word out to various news sites and directories that will provide you with some free promotion.

Keep it simple

Consumer preferences have shifted toward simple marketing messages, Forbes reports. Some of the world’s top brands keep it simple, and sites sporting a clean, minimalist feel are ruling the day. Toss any complicated programming or graphics that slow down and clutter up your site.

Focus on the big picture

Don’t forget about Facebook, Twitter and their social media brethren in your online marketing efforts. But strive to push beyond by building a solid brand, setting goals and a budget, creating engaging content and keeping your message uncluttered.

by Bruce Worrall, Sep-3-2015

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