6 Modern Web Design Trends To Increase Conversions

If you have a website for your company, it’s your single most important property.

You may be proud of your website and probably rely on it to increase your conversion rate. But do you know that the right web design is imperative in increasing conversions? Or that the right web design can significantly convert prospective clients into actual clients? Well, it’s true!

There are certain important web design trends that result in increased conversions. In this article we’ll talk about these trends and how they can help you improve your numbers. Here goes…

  1. Include a single, button-shaped call to action: This button should be placed in either the header or footer and should always be visible when your user navigates your page. This will significantly increase engagement and lead generation and result in conversions.
  2. Ensure that your website is responsive: Increasingly, users are moving towards accessing content and data on multiple platforms. When you design your website to be responsive you are increasing the chances that users on platforms ranging from desktops, mobile phones or tablets are accessing your content and resulting in actual conversions.
  3. Design your website with simplicity and clarity: Your users should be able to find what they need when they visit your website. The main website options should be available in a single menu, with other secondary navigation options in an additional tier. Your website should be designed for legibility, accessibility and ease of use, rather than flashy design. This will improve your conversions.
  4. Include single, large images: Instead of several small images, include one large image. This will also help your website load faster. Large images help you focus on your main message, rather than distract the user with multiple, often conflicting messages, thereby increasing conversions.
  5. Ensure that your website is elegant and understated: Today, subtle design is the name of the game. This is because users want to quickly find what they need and design is shifting away from complicated canvases to attractive elegance. This can also translate into terrific typography, wherein designers are reducing the number of typefaces that they employ when designing a website.
  6. Ensure that your website loads with minimum delay: Nothing puts off a user as much as delay in the loading of your website. Typically, you have just 5 seconds to engage your user. Even a minimal delay results in fewer page views, decreased customer satisfaction and loss in conversions.

Now you know the 6 most popular design trends in designing a website for conversions. You should also keep in mind that design is ever evolving. You should not embrace design trends just because they are popular or the current fad, but should adopt design as a way to integrate with your business ideal and model.

Your website should be functional for your users and for your business. If you only adopt popular web design trends without clear thought, you are apt to lose your prospective clients…quickly! So, do give a lot of thought to the way in which you are going to design your website and then proceed to do so to deliver a coherent message to users. Here’s to real conversions!

For more information on how you can effectively design your website to increase conversions, contact Intellasphere at 425-283-9772 or at contact@intellasphere.com.

by Bruce Worrall, Nov-1-2016

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