5 Tips To Effectively Drive Action Using Ads

As they say in advertising, image is destiny.

What they don’t say as often, is that your ad copy can drive action. What this means simply, is that the right ad copy can influence consumers to perform the action that you want. It could be website sales, subscription to your newsletter, or then, visits to your social media sites, and more…

Psychologists have been studying advertising and persuasion for decades. They have come to certain conclusions regarding how ad copy can influence consumers to buy your product, read your newspaper or magazine, or then, vote…In this article we’ll be talking about how ad copy does all of this. So, here goes…

  • Pain and Need are primary drivers: You need to identify the pain points of your customers, as well as what they need, before writing ad copy. So, if a customer doesn’t really like cleaning a messy bathroom, and you offer a house cleaning service, you can factor in this pain point in your ad copy. In other words, you should write copy that solves their pain points and work this copy into the headline or description, and also on the landing page of your website.
  • Tapping into the emotional brain: Ad copy that stirs emotions is likely to drive sales. For example, an ad that shows a mother using a water purifier to ensure that her family gets fresh, clean water is likely to touch emotional chords in most people. Before writing ad copy you need to know what moves your customer or causes a connection in others. Once you answer these questions, writing the right ad copy will be a breeze.
  • Use fear: All of us are fearful about something or the other. Effective ad copy often taps into these fears to drive sales. For example, the L’Oreal ad, “Because I’m worth it” fans the flame of fear that a woman doesn’t know her true worth. You can figure out what your customers are fearful about and then write ad copy that addresses that fear.
  • Drive right to the heart of ego: All of us are ego-driven and we ask ourselves the basic question: What’s in it for me? Well, ad copy that talks to the “Me” element of your customer’s personality will work and work well. For example, makeup ads often use this tactic, emphasizing how a particular makeup brand can enhance your eyebrows, improve your love life, or anything in between.
  • Use contrast: Most of us love to see contrast. Weight loss ads usually emphasize this, with “Before” and “After” ads. You can contrast your product with that of your competitors, or then, you can contrast your product with no product. For example, what would happen if you bought a leather belt to hold up your pants, vis-à-vis no leather belt at all? In what way is your product better? Once you answer all of these questions, you can write effective ad copy to drive the action you want.

These pointers emphasize the importance of ad copy. Make no mistake, ad copy is perhaps the most important part of an advertising message. You can choose the right channels, the right product, or then, the right audience, but if your ad copy isn’t just so, you’ll miss out on a golden opportunity.

So, do keep these pointers in mind when looking to write ad copy and write great ads that resonate with the consumer. Write that catchy headline, that pithy body text and that alluring call to action and sit back and enjoy the effect your ad has created. Here’s to great ad copy, all the time, every time!

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by Bruce Worrall, Jul-21-2016

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