Design anything. Distribute everywhere.

The IntellaSphere Marketing System lets agencies communicate seamlessly

Manage all your clients from one place.

Whether it's five clients or fifty, the IntellaSphere Marketing System enables agencies to organize every client activity.


Customize promos for each brand.

IntellaSphere remembers your client brand kits so you don't have to.

Distribute Everywhere


Track fan engagement across all social channels.

Social channels can be tough to juggle. IntellaSphere lets you schedule posts, see results and adjust your plans.

Deliver high volumes with ease.


The IntellaSphere Marketing System can send 500,000 custom emails monthly without breaking a sweat.

Multi-Account | High Volume Solutions

Up To:

- 6 Clients

- 15 Users

- 600 Promoters

- 500 Brand Mentions

- 60,000 Emails Per Month

Up To:

- 12 Clients

- 30 Users

- 1,500 Promoters

- 10,000 Brand Mentions

- 200,000 Emails Per Month

Up To:

- 25 Clients

- 60 Users

- 4,000 Promoters

- 20,000 Brand Mentions

- 500,000 Emails Per Month

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