Why We Created IntellaSphere

Why We Created IntellaSphere

The ways in which customers engage with businesses have fundamentally changed how businesses market, engage with prospects, and acquire customers. Businesses today need to connect across a variety of online marketing channels in order to maximize sales. However given the ever-growing and almost overwhelming number of digital marketing channels and mechanisms, millions of businesses simply don’t have the time, expertise or technology to effectively use these marketing channels to grow their business.


So the founders of IntellaSphere thought…

  • What if all of the latest marketing tools could be integrated into one, easy-to-use, affordable system.
  • What if each business had its own personalized, easy to follow, step-by-step marketing “playbook” which virtually assures that the business can use these marketing tools to generate tangible, rapid, and ever improving results?
  • What if we offered businesses the option to either (1) use our Intelligent, All-in-One Digital Marketing Control Center themselves, or (2) have us do some or all of their marketing for them?


Intelligent, All-In-One Marketing System


Think of IntellaSphere as a state-of-the-art, marketing toolkit.
Providing all the marketing tools you need to grow your business in one place,
along with marketing guidance to ensure that you have an ever evolving “instruction manual” for
growing your business.

IntellaSphere seamlessly integration social media, web, relationship and mobile marketing.
To help businesses manage their social media marketing; build their reputation;
engage prospects with coupons, offers, lead capture forms; engage directly with
their customers via a mobile marketing application; build a continuously growing prospect knowledge-base;
as well as receive continuous marketing guidance.

IntellaSphere goes beyond providing “just” valuable reports and business intelligence.

IntellaSphere is the next generation of online marketing. It’s the most powerful, complete and cost effective digital marketing system available for any size business.

So whether you use IntellaSphere yourself to market your business, or you have us market your business for you, you’ll be delighted with the results


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