IntellaSphere Team

We love helping businesses grow, and have been providing digital marketing and customer-oriented technology for decades. Founders Bruce Worrall and Vijay Masina are passionate about making online systems and applications that are affordable and work beautifully.

Below are some of our bios, which may or may not be terribly interesting to read. We thought about sharing our plans to summit Mt. Everest, though feel like our current work to make marketing easier is equally challenging and more enjoyable.

Bruce Worrall

Chief Executive Officer

Bruce brings 25+ years of experience driving leading-edge product and business initiatives for startups and Fortune 500 companies including CEO of GalleryPlayer, VP of Biz Dev for Fairmarket (IPO’d and acquired by eBay) and COO of 1000Museums. He has held leadership positions with Microsoft, Amazon, AT&T, Nuance and Ebay.  [Bruce's LinkedIn]

Vijay Masina

Chief Technology Officer & Vice President of Technology

Vijay has 20+ years of software architect experience building cloud-based systems, mobile and enterprise class applications. He served as Software Architect and Software Engineer at Boeing, Microsoft, Clearwire, TCS and Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Vijay has also helmed his own company, as CEO of DevShip.  [Vijay's LinkedIn]

Debby Richman

Chief Marketing Officer

Debby has pursued high-growth, tech driven opportunities in her 20+ years of senior level marketing & product experience. Her past roles include GM & VP, Web Services; VP Marketing,; SVP Consumer Products, Looksmart; and SVP Marketing & Business Development, Collarity. She also consulted as a for-hire CMO and product leader.  [Debby's LinkedIn]

Shane Bornstein

Vice President, Marketing Solutions

Shane has focused on delivering digital marketing solutions and results for 20+ years. He has build organizations from the ground-up to market leadership positions serving as GM, (AT&T Advertising Solutions); VP Sales, Local Metro Leads; VP Sales, BattleCat Marketing; Director of Sales, Fivestars; and Sales, Verizon Information Services.  [Shane's LinkedIn]

Aditya Mehta

Vice President, Business Development

Aditya brings 10+ years of global business development and digital marketing agency experience, most recently as Managing Director and Founder of Edgytal. Previously he was CEO at TipStop and, and Head of Retail Business at Asit Mehta Investments. He earned his MBA from the London Business School.  [Aditya's LinkedIn]

Tom Virgin

Chief Financial Officer

Tom brings 20+ years of experience both scaling diverse public and private companies, including roles as CFO, Hipcricket; CFO & EVP, Talyst; CFO, WizKids; and CFO & SVP, T&W Financial Corp. Earlier he served as SVP/Controller at Seafirst Bank.  [Tom's LinkedIn]