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Does IntellaSphere support bulk email?

Of course. You can distribute engagements and send emails out to your contact lists. We also offer easy-to-use email list sign-up forms and opt-in/opt-out tools, to make sure you’re on the right side of spam regulations and to make it easy for your customers to…

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Does IntellaSphere support email marketing?

Yes! IntelleSphere puts a variety of tools for bulk email distribution, email campaigns, email domain white labeling, and graphical email template/content design at your fingertips. Your clients’ mailboxes will never be happier.

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How do you send an Email or Bulk Email campaign?

This video will show you how to send an Email and Bulk Email campaigns in the Engage Lab. How to Send an Email from IntellaSphere on Vimeo. In this order, you’ll enter… Email info: Add sender – enter sender details & verify, first time only…

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How to Create a Newsletter Subscription Form

This video will show you how to create a list subscription form in the Engage Lab. Once you have created your subscription form, you can attach the link in your communications and begin curating lists of contacts. How to create List Subscription Forms from IntellaSphere…

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